About Us

OUR MISSION. The Miss Teen America Scholarship Program is founded on the principle that the future of our world is dependent upon the leadership qualities of today's youth. We believe that involvement in community service should be both encouraged and rewarded. We further believe that in order to become a strong leader a young woman must be a well-rounded individual. She must challenge herself scholastically, she must be poised, and she must be comfortable with herself in respect to her learned and natural talents. She must possess a strong desire to effect a change in her world, and to set an example for others to do the same. In the spirit of competition, she must be gracious. With this in mind, we provide the forum for young women to challenge themselves to be their best, and we reward them for their efforts.


We pride ourselves on maintaining integrity and consistency in every aspect of our program.  From registration to awards ceremony, every contestant is appreciated for her own individualism and what she brings to the stage. While our program values the aspect of competition and the symbolic differentiation of only one young lady receiving a crown, we strive to remind our contestants and their families that pageantry is always subjective. Results could be different on any given night and each contestant has won something in her own right for simply being brave enough to get up on the stage and try!  We hope that the young ladies chosen as our titleholders realize what an honor it is to be selected, and we hope that we foster an atmosphere of respect and appreciation so that those going home without the crown can be proud of their own performance and be happy for the young lady chosen… after all, next time it could be her!



DIRECTOR. Jessica Glasscock has served the Bluegrass as the Miss Kentucky Teen America Director since 2006. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, holding a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications.  She works in freelance marketing and is owner of JossyBelle Boutique. 


Jessica's experience in pageantry and public relations is coupled with a passion to help young ladies realize their true worth and develop a confidence that cannot be shaken! Her love for this program and its participants builds a strong foundation for positioning the Kentucky Teen America Organization as one of the premier pageants in the state!

In 2001 Jessica held the title of Miss Kentucky Teen America, and the Miss Teen America program has held a special place in her life since.  Under her direction, numerous titleholders have placed in top ten, top five, and in 2010 Katie Himes brought the national Miss Teen America title home to Kentucky.


Jessica and her husband Nathan have four children. They reside in central Kentucky. 

Photo, styling and wardrobe compliments of Lyndzie Hack Photography.