Kentucky's Princess Pageants

​Kentucky's Tiny Miss, Ages 3-5
Kentucky's Little Miss, Ages 6-7
Kentucky's Petite Miss, Ages 8-9
Kentucky's Young Miss, Ages 10-11 
Kentucky's Junior Miss, Ages 12-14
Please enter based on your age the day of the pageant. Contestants may choose to advance up to the next age division. Divisions may be added, combined or split depending on total number of contestants registered.
​​33%- Competition Phase One: Contestants will appear in their complimentary official event tee (ordered when you submit your registration form & picked up at registration) Tee is to be worn with long denim blue jeans and shoes of your choice. Please accessorize as you wish! Contestants will deliver a personal introduction to include their name, hometown and one fun fact. Immediately following introduction, contestants will receive their on stage question. They will not leave the stage in between, both introduction and question happen in a single appearance. Please see notes below for interview question details. 
33%- Competition Phase Two: Contestants will appear on stage in fun fashion. This category is fun and upbeat! Outfits should be an age appropriate reflection of her style and personality. We are not looking for casual attire, but instead glamorous look that is red carpet ready! Contestants will be expected to follow the provided walking pattern but may model as they like at each X. Click here for the walking pattern. 
33%- Competition Phase Three: Contestants will appear in the formal dress of their choice. The judges will not be scoring the dress itself but will be looking for a complimentary color, style, and fit for the contestant. Contestants will be expected to follow the provided walking pattern but may model as they like at each X. Click here for the walking pattern.
For Ages 3-11. Questions are very conversational and age appropriate.  They will be questions in which there is no right or wrong answer.  Questions are designed to show her personality and things she enjoys, and how she handles answering the question in front of an audience.  Each contestant will be asked one question. Click here for additional sample questions. 
Junior Miss (ages 12-14) will be competing along side our Teen contestants. They will NOT answer an on stage question, but will instead have a private interview with the judges panel. Please wear a nice dress or outfit that reflects your personality. No glitzy cocktail, formal or casual attire, please. Questions will be pulled from your personal resume, which is due at registration on pageant day. 
The total cost to enter the Kentucky's Princess pageant for ages 3-14 is $200. This includes your event tee for opening number, professional photos from competition (taken by A.Osborne Photography), gifts from our sponsors, our superlative title package (Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Dressed and Best Personality) and 3 free optional contests! 
Once your register you will receive a welcome packet with full details on how to complete your entry and help you prepare.
Optional contests do not affect the overall results of the pageant, but do offer fun ways for each girl to showcase herself and be considered for additional titles! We offer Academic Achievement, Community Service and Essay with your entry. Photogenic and Promising Model can be entered at the door for $20 each. You will receive all the details on optional contest entry in your welcome packet!
​​Titles are non-contractual and do not advance to the national level.​ This means that even if you win a title, you can still compete whenever and wherever you like!
This is a natural competition. Natural makeup is allowed to help compensate for bright stage lighting. Excessive or inappropriate makeup for the child’s age or false enhancements of any kind will result in points deducted.
What if I win?  Titleholders are expected to make a minimum of 6 public appearances per year. They are also expected to have a social media presence with their title, and participate in organized community service events and photo shoots. They agree to present themselves and the organization in a positive manner throughout and after their year of service. They will also have an invitation to join in on personal development training and activities. Titleholders will be required to sign a contract that details these expectations and fulfill these obligations in order to receive her cash award upon completing her reign.

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